CleanConnect, Nanjing, China, November 15-16 2018


Between 2007 and 2010, Cleantech Group hosted six Cleantech Forums in Asia: three in China, two in India, and one in South Korea. Since then, CTG has run a number of invitation-only summits in Asia, mostly in China where we ran 5 China Tours (2011-17).

We are now expanding our China-focused services, both through events and through partners who can help our clients with appropriate “on the ground” services.

We are excited to announce for November 2018 a collaboration with Umore Consulting, the hosts of CleanConnect. CleanConnect is an annual event in China since 2014, and one we consider the most professional event focused on connecting innovation outside China to the key partners within it.

At the 2018 CleanConnect, Cleantech Group will run a Next-Gen Energy & Industry Innovation Summit, alongside Umore’s wider event. The existing CleanConnect event will be most suitable for companies with solutions around Air, Soil, Water and Waste.

CleanConnect is part of AsiaConnect Week – one week, two events. AsiaConnect Week is a joint initiative between Cleantech Group and Umore Consulting. It consists of two events, both of which have different i3 campaigns:

  1. Cleantech Forum Asia in Singapore on November 13-14, hosted by Cleantech Group. (Click here if you wish to see this opportunity.)
  2. CleanConnect in Nanjing, China on November 15-16.

Why Asia? Why Now?

Asia is where most of the world’s population resides, with the fastest rates of urbanization, where the majority of the world’s heavy industries are located, and where the majority of the world’s products are manufactured. However, while Asia is fast-growing, it is not very resource-efficient.

Asia is hungry for innovation and is investing in cleantech solutions that can solve Asian environmental challenges and provide global competitive industrial advantage.

China is at the forefront of this, and is arguably today’s no1 economy focused on sustainable innovations, in deployments, acquisitions and investments. Sustainable solutions are also regarded as strategic priorities for President Xi’s vision of the 21st century China he has set out to build.

What to Expect?

The program will run across November 15 and November 16, with seven subjects of relevance, as follows:

  • Umore’s regular CleanConnect agenda will have six subjects in focus: Hazardous Waste, Industrial Wastewater, Monitoring and Smart Solutions, Soil/Groundwater Remediation, VOCs Treatment, and Waste-to-Value.
  • Alongside this, Cleantech Group will add its Next-Gen Energy & Industry Innovation Summit program.

The focus of the CleanConnect program across all subjects will be a knowledge exchange on:

  • What is happening in China in these segments?
  • What opportunities are there for in-bound, non-Chinese companies with innovative solutions appropriate to China?
  • What success stories are there and what can be learned from the less successful in terms of scaling a business in China?

Considerable time within the program will be given over to showcasing innovation companies:

  • Chinese companies who are great examples of domestic innovation the world should be aware of, given their ambitions to go global.
  • Foreign companies, recruited from the global innovation call (referenced below), who believe they have strong market potential in China.

Why Apply?

You are a young company at startup or scale-up stage with a relevant solution to China. You will have the chance to meet a wide range of investors and corporations not normally all together in one place, there because they have an interest in connecting with leading innovation from outside China to help such find their market potential in China

What to do Next?

We will accept companies on a rolling basis, so early applications will be at an advantage. Companies offered the opportunity to be showcased within the event (with participation in the program) will have 10 days to confirm their place or risk losing it. There is a fee of $495 for all attending companies, modest relative to the value of what will be a high quality audience. Apply now.

Start Date: 05/31/2018

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