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wholesale energy services

In Grid Energy Storage, Wholesale Energy Services refers to a wide range of energy storage applications, with varying energy capacity and discharge requirements, but which are implemented by wholesale electricity generators and grid operators such as utilities, independent power producers (IPPs), ISOs and RTOs. Relevant applications, per our survey of materials produced by Sandia National Labs and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), include (but may not be limited to) Bulk Electricity Price Arbitrage, Central Electric Supply Capacity, and Ancillary Services (see U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for list and definitions of Ancillary Services)

Corporate and venture capital activity

Historical investment trends and number of deals for wholesale energy services

Top 10 Recent Deals - last 24 months

Company Country Status Amount 
Company: ESS Country: United States Status: Private Amount: $30,000,000
Company: Chakratec Country: Israel Status: Private Amount: $4,400,000
Company: Amber Electric Country: Australia Status: Private Amount: $2,500,000
Company: Storelectric Country: United Kingdom Status: Private Amount: $1,250,000
Company: Urban Electric Power Country: United States Status: Private Amount: $498,762

Top 10 Investors - in last 24 months

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