2021 50 To Watch List

50 To Watch is a list of early-stage innovators taking action on the climate crisis. Company nominations come from the Expert Panel of over 25 early-stage innovation and investment experts, our own research team and other early-stage awards. Get the complete report

The 2022 list will be announced in September 2022. Join us in Brussels to meet the companies on the list and the judges whose expertise is behind their selection at Cleantech Forum Europe on 8-10 November 2022..

India N/A natural resources 2011 Asia Pacific
Canada $1M advanced materials 2019 North America
United States $50.1M energy storage 2017 North America
Guinea N/A indoor farming 2019 Africa
United Kingdom N/A on-road vehicles 2021 Europe & Israel
France $3.5M fuel cells 2020 Europe & Israel
Germany N/A alternative proteins 2020 Europe & Israel
United States $21.2M precision agriculture 2014 North America
United Kingdom N/A 2017 Europe & Israel
Ireland N/A 2017 Europe & Israel
United States $16M animals 2019 North America
United States $2.8M electric vehicle (ev) charging 2020 North America
United States $22.5M hydrogen 2016 North America
Germany N/A construction 2020 Europe & Israel
United Kingdom $160K water 2014 Europe & Israel
India $13.84M food supply chain 2009 Asia Pacific
Norway N/A 2018 Europe & Israel
Denmark N/A 50 to watch 2019 Europe & Israel
Norway N/A precision agriculture 2012 Europe & Israel
Denmark N/A precision agriculture 2014 Europe & Israel
Canada $372K 2019 North America
United States $500K alternative proteins 2016 North America
India N/A agricultural waste 2017 Asia Pacific
Switzerland N/A food waste 2016 Europe & Israel
United Kingdom $4.5M precision agriculture 2018 Europe & Israel
Mexico $145K animals 2018 Central/South America
Czech Republic N/A waste management 2015 Europe & Israel
United Kingdom $2.22M alternative proteins 2019 Europe & Israel
Norway $8.9M 2010 Europe & Israel
Switzerland $100K waste management 2017 Europe & Israel
United States $25.89M crop inputs 2018 North America
Hungary $2.12M waste management 2019 Europe & Israel
United Kingdom $7.736M advanced energy materials 2012 Europe & Israel
Estonia $2.7M buildings 2017 Europe & Israel
France $234.2K waste management 2017 Europe & Israel
Kenya N/A waste management 2011 Africa
United States $10M solar 2015 North America
Singapore N/A 2018 Asia Pacific
Germany N/A precision agriculture 2019 Europe & Israel
Norway N/A crop inputs 2016 Europe & Israel
Kenya $50K food supply chain 2016 Africa
United States $13.5M food waste 2015 North America
United States $11.3M food supply chain 2017 North America
United States $5.8M industrial materials 2020 North America
Canada $15.25M industrial materials 2018 North America
United Kingdom $3.6M hydrogen 2020 Europe & Israel
United Kingdom N/A advanced materials 2019 Europe & Israel
Canada N/A animals 2017 North America
India N/A waste management 2017 Asia Pacific
Australia $8.771M waste management 2018 Asia Pacific
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