The APAC 25 is a new sister list of the Global Cleantech 100 program, launched in September 2018 and made possible by the support of Enterprise Singapore, ahead of our 1st Cleantech Forum Asia on November 13-14, 2018.

The APAC 25 list, like its parent program the Global Cleantech 100, seeks to provide a reading of which private and independent companies, and types of sustainable innovation companies, are catching the attention of those in the market, and which they believe are most likely to have significant impact in a 5-10-year time frame.

The list of 25 comes together by Cleantech Group combining the APAC-related inputs from the annual Global Cleantech 100 process (as described on the methodology page) with the specific inputs we asked of an APAC 25 expert panel. Those companies where, based on the inputs provided, we can detect the strongest patterns of agreement across all the input points will do best under the scoring methodology.

Think your company should be on this list? Create your profile on i3 to make sure you are in the running for next year.

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