The Annual APAC Cleantech 25 List

Every year, we unveil a new edition of the APAC Cleantech 25, a list of leading private cleantech innovation companies from across the region. The companies are selected by combining the inputs of the APAC Cleantech 25 expert panel, people connecting regularly with innovators in the region, with the APAC inputs from the Global Cleantech 100 process. Our report brings you the complete list of companies combined with analysis of the innovation and investment trends in the region.

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Meet the innovators on the APAC Cleantech 25

Cleantech Forum Asia will be back in-person in Singapore, May 7-8, 2024. Join us to meet the APAC Cleantech 25 companies, leading innovators, expert panelists, investors and corporates from the region and beyond.

The APAC Cleantech 25 list premiered in September 2018 and has been made possible by the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB Ventures).

China $10M remediation 1983 Asia Pacific
China N/A energy storage 2012 Asia Pacific Video
Hong Kong N/A buildings 2012 Asia Pacific Video
Singapore N/A solar 2017 Asia Pacific
New Zealand N/A 2014 Asia Pacific Video
India $347.6M supply chain & logistics 2015 Asia Pacific Video
China $390M fuels & chemicals 2016 Asia Pacific Video
India $600K energy services 2010 Asia Pacific
China $498M electric vehicle (ev) charging 2015 Asia Pacific
Indonesia N/A micromobility 2018 Asia Pacific Video
Singapore N/A solar 2015 Asia Pacific
Singapore N/A 2018 Asia Pacific
Thailand N/A apac 25 2015 Asia Pacific Video
Australia N/A energy networks 2013 Asia Pacific
China $510M fleet management 2006 Asia Pacific Video
Korea Republic N/A advanced materials 2010 Asia Pacific Video
Japan N/A 2008 Asia Pacific
Singapore $10.8M micromobility 2018 Asia Pacific Video
Singapore $30.36M alternative proteins 2018 Asia Pacific Video
Japan N/A advanced manufacturing 2009 Asia Pacific Video
India $14M 2014 Asia Pacific Video
India $50M electric vehicle (ev) charging 2017 Asia Pacific Video
China N/A 2002 Asia Pacific
India N/A waste management 2013 Asia Pacific Video
China $1.172B 2017 Asia Pacific Video
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