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    Present your company to organizations looking to invest and partner with innovative startups.

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    Discover and respond to opportunities to connect with corporations, investors and potential partners globally.

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Why i3?

  • 1. Identify start-ups of strategic interest

    Access proprietary intelligence on 24k+ companies, and connect with those aligned with your strategy.

  • 2. Build your Innovation Pipeline

    Build and manage your innovation pipeline in one place.

  • 3. Market your technology interest areas

    Market your technology areas of interest to 60K+ innovation stakeholders worldwide.

  • 4. Gain visiblity into innovation trends

    Analyze global trends or take a deep dive into key sectors across resource innovation.

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Can you access over 37,000 companies in just seconds?

Our research is built from profiles on over 37,000 companies and 21,000 investors globally, putting powerful insight into your hands in just seconds.

  • Find and evaluate innovators in

    • Agriculture & Food
    • Energy & Power
    • Materials & Chemicals
    • Resources & Environmental Management
    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Waste & Recycling
  • Stay ahead of the trends that are redefining your industry.

  • Track investments and market activity as soon as they happen.

  • Build your innovation pipeline.

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How does i3 work?

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